Our Lady of La Vang Rag Doll

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Our Lady of La Vang appeared in Vietnam around 1800 when Catholics were being persecuted. While hiding in the jungle, the people would gather to pray the Rosary nightly at the same tree. Many of them had also fallen ill from the harsh conditions. One night during their prayers, Mary appeared to them in a traditional Vietnamese dress, holding baby Jesus, and with an angel on either side. She comforted them and gave them instructions on how to make medicine from the trees to cure their illness.


She is clothed in a white dress with pale gold satin trim, an adorable blue overcoat with a matching trim. Mary's hair is pulled back into a lovely bun and framed in a beautiful felt headpiece with a halo of embroidered stars.


  • 12" tall
  • Hand sewn
  • Removable overcoat
  • Cotton and satin trim
  • All new polyester fill